Customized EB-5 Redeployment Solutions

Altytude works with clients in specialized areas of focus, including comprehensive EB-5 redeployment and Alternative Market engagements. Within these approaches we provide expert investment advice by employing strategic and tactical planning, including investment pacing, selection, monitoring and reporting, as determined by client needs.

EB-5 Redeployment:

EB-5 redeployment has unique challenges that Altytude is well positioned to address, including:

  • Horizon Matching: Sustainment period overhang vs. investment horizon
  • Structure Matching: Debt and equity related investments
  • Capital Preservation: Risk mitigation through diversification and prudent analysis
  • Timing: Availability within a commercially reasonable timeframe
  • Fiduciary: Diligence, vetting and advising
  • Legal Framework: Our standardized legal framework can help facilitate a more cost-effective investment process

Altytude recognizes that EB-5 redeployment requires specialization in various asset classes, including real estate, infrastructure, fixed income, as well as equity and credit. Our platform is designed to address EB-5 redeployment objectives and develop solutions around efficient methods of execution.

Private Markets & Alternatives Advisory:

The Altytude infrastructure has been developed using the Glide platform to help investors more actively participate in the investment selection and review process.

Platform of Pre-vetted Private Debt Funds

The platform provides transparency and key information on a rigorously-screened selection of investment private credit funds focused in real estate or business lending, in order to help simplify what is often a complex process, with easy access to critical information.

The platform of funds has been built using a rigorous and disciplined selection and execution process including:

  • Internal and Independent Due Diligence
  • Investment sourcing
  • Analytics and Research
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Execution
  • Reporting

About us

Altytude Advisors is a trade name of Glide Capital (Glide). Glide developed and launched the Altytude brand specifically to address the unique needs associated with the redeployment of EB-5 capital.

The Altytude approach was built by leveraging Glide’s foundation of industry reputation, platform of vetted investments, team expertise and operational history. Altytude was founded on the premise that successfully navigating the redeployment and private markets landscape is a dynamic and complex process, and that generating risk-adjusted returns, which suitably address investors’ risk profiles may often be best achieved with uniquely tailored, customized approaches.

Altytude aims to drive success across real assets, private equity, private credit and fixed income vehicles by leveraging our team’s sourcing, due diligence, research, portfolio construction and legal structuring expertise to enable us to provide a powerful level of industry insight and strategic direction.

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The investment process is continuous and dynamic. Altytude understands that just as investment opportunities evolve, so do our clients’ needs and financial situation. Our process allows us to constantly adjust our suggestions to address our clients’ changing requirements.

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